Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance - Garage Door System

When our customers utilize effective Garage Door Maintenance procedures for their Garage Door System they save cash in the long term. We cannot sum it up any clearer than that. You might be shocked to know that just a little Garage Door Maintenance can go a long way towards extending the life cycle of your Garage Door System. Our experts can come out quickly to conduct a precise garage door inspection that will let us know where your garage doors are weak and in need of maintenance.

At Alpha Gate & Door Co. we offer garage door troubleshooting techniques that pin point any garage door problems. With a Garage Door Maintenance implemented we can ensure that every nut and bolt is tight and every part of the door is properly lubricated. Loose nuts and bolts can lead to parts coming loose and damaging the Garage Door System. Improper lubrication can lead to parts wearing out long before their time and bringing your garage door system to a screeching halt.

We are perfectly prepared to fix garage door problems if that is what we need to do, but anytime we can help our customers to prevent the repair before it happens we are going to use all of our Garage Door Maintenance skills to do so.

Garage Door Maintenance - Garage Door Openers

In order to ensure the high performance and durability of your Garage Door Openers, it is important that proper Garage Door Maintenance procedures are observed. For routine Garage Door Opener Maintenance contact Alpha Gate & Door Co. Remember the old commercial about changing oil in your car regularly? They ended with “Pay me now or pay me later”. Much the same can be said for your Garage Door Openers. Monthly garage door opener maintenance keeps your unit working smoothly and efficiently for years.

For Garage Door Openers, some of the necessary Garage Door Maintenance include safety reversal test, inspection of proper operation of the system and evaluating the force sensitivity through adjusting the opener up and down and checking and inspection for wiring and connections. Thorough garage door opener maintenance service is likewise inclusive of tightening the belt and drive chain if necessary, lubricating all the sprockets and drive train and setting up the up and down limits. Garage Door Openers must also be checked for push buttons and transmitters function and inspection for internal gears, belts and cover to ensure proper range and operations. Alpha Gate & Door Co. offers the best and professional garage door opener maintenance solutions.

Garage Door Maintenance - Garage Door Springs

Your Garage Door Springs are the muscle of your home’s major entry point, and they could use some routine TLC in between bi-annual professional Garage Door Maintenance. Most homeowners use their garage doors as a primary access point — some almost never use any other door. This means garage doors might be raised and lowered multiple times per day, and the springs are doing most of the work. Worse, you may not even notice that they’re “complaining” because the noise the garage doors make muffles other sounds.

Garage Door Springs often will squeak or make other noises when they’re on their last leg. This is how they tell you it’s time to do Garage Door Maintenance. Worn-out springs won’t cause serious damage immediately, but they can over time. Call Alpha Gate & Door Co. for your Garage Door Maintenance today.

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Garage Door Maintenance

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